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If you want the best Realtor on the market, choose.Zeny. She is personable, honest and tenacious and will go the distance to provide the best customer service during each step of the home transaction process.  Zeny carries out her obligations with true vigor and resolve until the last contract is signed and the customer is completely satisfied. She is enthusiastic and a hard worker who has a broad range of Realtor expertise and experience.

As my Realtor, Zeny provided creative ways to market my house. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants a Realtor who has a proven sales record with developed sales and marketing skills, who can get the job done right the first time.
Mr. C. C.  Washington, USA

We have by selected the services of Zeny Maninang to view some condos for sale. Thereafter, we bought a nice condo and she leased it for us.  We greatly appreciate her professionalism, courtesy, eagerness to go to the front on the needs and requests of her customers as her assiduity and love of her profession.  We highly recommend her without hesitation to her future customers.  We wish you continued success in real estate.
Mr. & Mrs. B.K.F of Montreal, Quebec

A note of thanks for the recent sale of our home.  We appreciate the very professional, precise, quality management & service we received. Above all a quick sale!  Bravo & thank you!
Respectfully, Mr.& Mrs. D, Markham, Ontario

We would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation for Ms. Zeny Maninang’s excellent services. Zeny has always been very helpful, patient and graceful in dealing with all her customers. Her professional and extensive knowledge on the products that she is selling make us feel most comfortable. She listens readily and tries very best to answer all our queries. Overall, her sales service is highly commendable and should be recognized for. You have chosen the best salesperson to represent your company. We would not hesitate to recommend your company to our friends and relatives. Thank you very much and all the best to your business.
Mr.& Mrs. E. & S. Y., of Unionville

My wife and myself are very happy in our new home which we purchased by all your degree of professionalism.

I still remember when I called you for the first time from your advertising. You assured me that go for what your heart tells you. After 2 months and a half of impatience, I have not forgotten your word, "...Just relax a week..." Just after a week, you did find exactly what I was looking for! You got me a good and cheap lawyer. You help make a good mortgage deal with the lowest mortgage rate in the market.

To my wife and myself, you're like a mother taking care of her children. We just want to thank you from our heart for everything you have done for our family. You're such a wonderful person Zeny!

We wish you much success in your business. May God bless you.
Mr. & Mrs. P. L. Toronto, Ontario

The best real estate agent! Her name is Zeny Maninang. The service she gave me is super fantastic.

I had my property listed before with another agent and did not sell in 5 months time.

When I decided to change my agent so I can pursue our dream to move to a new house, I phoned Zeny.  She was very thorough on how to market my house first before buying and sold it in 2 weeks! She found our lovely home and had a smooth transaction.

She has people who work with her so that you can get the best mortgage rates.

Thank you a million times for the best service!
Ms. R.J.  Toronto, Ontario

Thank you very much for your hard work. We managed to successfully sell the condo in a short period of time at a great price.
Mr. D.T.  Toronto, Ontario

You gave us a surprise and added warmness in our home. Thanks for all your help!
Mr. & Mrs. Y.M.Y. of Toronto, Ontario

I can't think of a better word to express my sincere thanks to you.  Your professionalism, patience and kindness will always be remembered and appreciated.
Miss R.L. Scarborough, Ontario
Thank you so much for all your help in finding our new home. The whole family is enjoying every single corner of it, especially the kids. Your help, with patience is greatly appreciated.

Truly you are an honest, reliable and VERY, VERY professional agent, not only that you are a good person too.

You're an A+. We're lucky we've chosen you as our agent and we will definitely recommend you to our families and friends, because we know we won't regret it and that is our only way to thank you.
Mr. & Mrs. W.V, Toronto, Ontario

We appreciate all our transactions with you.  You are like a member of the household as every member of the family knows you by name.  We will definitely recommend you to any of our friends or associates that needs real estate service.  The property is definitely worth more than we paid for it.  We appreciate your service and perseverance in the entire transaction.
Mr. & Mrs. E-A,  Scarborough, Ontario

If we have to sum up your services to us, it was just PERFECT.  You always went out of your way to assist us, answer every question we had, provided us guidance, gave your honest opinions re: the houses ( and the neighbourhood) that we inspect - everything that matters just to satisfy our needs.  It's what we call TOTAL QUALITY SERVICE AND EVEN AFTER SALES SERVICE.  Keep it up that way and we know that you will be successful more than ever.  After all, you know GOD rewards those who works honestly to help their fellowmen.  May God bless you and your family always.
Mr. & Mrs. E. & L. B., Toronto, Ontario

When first meeting Zeny, we asked her what she will do for us and she replied "sell your house for the highest price." Well she did, in two days, with professionalism, promptness and concern for us her clients. We would highly recommend Zeny to our friends.
D.R. Thornhill, Ontario


Email from Nicole:

Last year I spent a lot of time advertising and fundraising for the charitable organization Free The Children with my school. We ran bake sales, food drives, car washes, invited speakers and even had a vow of salience in order to raise money and awareness.

In doing so, I learned a lot about global issues. I learned that there are people who are not only poor, uneducated and hungry, but people who are also living in conditions so bad that they'd be lucky to live past 40.

We don't live in poverty, famine, or war. Most of what we do and buy serves to fulfill our indulgences, and if not for fairness, pity, morals or righteousness, we should do something to help those who are still struggling to fulfill their basic survival needs.

It is easy to reach out to those close to us and in our community and we have a done a great job thus far. Poverty and sickness may not be eradicated here yet, but we have succeeded enough to reach further.

If not us, who? In a war torn country stricken with numerous problems, who is well enough to help and how far will that help go? The answer is simple, not as far as it would go without us. This idea of charity or giving without expectation of a reward was presented by numerous people both regular and philanthropist. One person in particular was Craig Kielburger, a caring and out-going 12 year old who decided to fight child labour after reading about it in the paper. He taught me that one is never too young to make a difference. He has only turned 25 this year.

By the end of October I will be turning 16 and instead of receiving presents and feeding my indulgences I would like to help those who have basic needs that have been yet to be fulfilled. By donating money to Free The Children, they will be able to build schools and wells, buy seeds and agriculture tools, animals and looms for alternative income and much more.

You can visit their website for more information or drop me a line. There is so much more to learn about this organization and I hope you will spend the time learning about it. I have included some links below to the official Free The Children website so you can find out more and hopefully make a donation for my birthday. Free the Children is a popular and well known charity so you can also find them in online newspapers and search engines.

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